Real-Time 3-D Volumetric Sensing


Current 3-D laser scanning systems require a lengthy interval to complete each scan and require a clear line-of-sight, thereby severing the physical model from its CAD representation, and not allowing most handheld interaction because of occlusion. This project proposes 3-D volumetric sensing using real-time tag tracking that allows the user to manipulate the physical model object while the tags are being scanned. This approach provides a seamless link between the real object and the virtual object, effectively converging the design and modeling processes for artists, architects, and engineers. The tag detection scheme uses magnetically coupled resonators similar to those developed for the Swept RF Tagging project. The current areas of investigation include reducing the dimensions of the tags, improving the signal-to-noise ratio of location measurement of tags in each axis, and increasing the number of trackable tags to form meaningful shapes and contours. Demonstrative content is being developed in collaboration with the MIT School of Architecture and Urban Planning.