Reflective Practice Documentation

Most of us go through the chore of capturing our knowledge in a very perfunctory manner through some form of documentation. This is usually our knowledge-in-action and is restricted to certain learned theories, principles, and rules for resolving problems. However, reflection-in-action, a much deeper phenomena, and one from which we can accentuate our knowing, remains relatively unexplored. This work proposes the creation of an application that aids in the process of reflection-in-action. It will facilitate the process of documentation by utilizing the rich computational tools to which many people now have access. It provides an organization structure and taxonomy around which to compile tacit knowledge and its representation, allowing for exploration of such knowledge in a richer fashion. This will aid in bringing forth the intrinsic "ifs" and "thens" as well as generating the potential for serendipitous learning experiences. All of this is very useful in bringing some form of rigor into the practice of reflective inquiry.