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Ramesh Raskar
Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
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Alex 'Sandy' Pentland
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; Toshiba Professor
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Kevin Esvelt
Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; NEC Career Development Professor of Computer and Communications

Other Contributors

Input from experts from Harvard University, Stanford University, and SUNY Buffalo; clinical input from Mayo Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital; and mentors from the World Health Organization, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 

A number of leaders and personnel from the global company EY are volunteering their time across many disciplines, including strategy and inclusion on the core initiative leadership team. Numerous additional companies are also participating in this way, including TripleBlind, Public Consulting Group, and Earned Media Consultants 

Experts from government agencies and academic institutes in Canada, Germany, India, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam are also helping to guide the platform’s development.