Sin Sceal Eile (That's Another Story)

This work focuses on the creation and prototyping of novel, mobile, interactive story experiences. The stories we create inhabit public space and invite the audience to participate and influence the story's progress as they move in, pass through, and experience that space. These stories are dynamic, responsive, and evolve as the audience plays with them in the public space. The stories are context aware: they are affected by changes to the surrounding environment, such as weather conditions, varying levels of audience activity, and time shifting, all of which influence the story through sensor-triggered story interfaces. The stories are organic, changing and growing as the audience becomes author and adds to the narrative. This collaboration (Trinity College Dublin and Media Lab Europe) brings together expertise in content creation, story design, wireless networks, and sensor technologies in the creation of these exploratory and novel story platforms. The project has implications outside its own application area as the provision of ever-changing information delivered to people in a meaningful and unobtrusive manner as they go about their daily lives is a challenging issue.