The SNAPSHOT study seeks to measure Sleep, Networks, Affect, Performance, Stress, and Health using Objective Techniques. It is an NIH-funded collaborative research project between the Affective Computing and Collective Learning groups, and Harvard Medical School's Brigham & Women's hospital. Since fall 2013, we've run this study to collect one month of data every semester from 50 undergraduate students who are socially connected. We have collected data from about 250 participants, totaling over 7,500 days of data. We measure physiological, behavioral, environmental, and social data using mobile phones, wearable sensors, surveys, and lab studies. We investigate how daily behaviors and social connectivity influence sleep behaviors and health, and outcomes such as mood, stress, and academic performance. Using this multimodal data, we are developing models to predict onsets of sadness and stress. This study will provide insights into behavioral choices for wellbeing and performance.

Special Thanks to Our Project Contributors:


Rosalind Picard (Principal Investigator), Akane Sano (Research Scientist), Sara Taylor (Graduate Student), Natasha Jaques (Graduate Student), Daniel Lopez Martinez (Graduate Student), Asma Ghandeharioun (Graduate Student), Weixuan Chen (Graduate Student), Ehimwenma Nosakhare (Graduate Student), Ognjen Rudovic (Post-Doctoral Fellow), Pablo Egana del Sol (Assistant Professor), Fengjiao Peng (Graduate Student), Craig Ferguson (Developer)

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Charles A Czeisler (Principal Investigator), Elizabeth Klerman (Principal Investigator), Laura Barger (Investigator), Andrew Phillips (Investigator), Andrew McHill (Post-doctoral Fellow), Conor O'Brien (Senior Project Manager), Natalie Viyaran (Research Assistant), Cassie Hiditch (Post-doctoral Fellow), Melissa St. Hilaire (Instructor, Harvard Medical School), Salim Qadri (Developer)

Former Members

Cesar A. Hidalgo (Associate Professor at MIT), Amy Yu (Graduate Student), Ian MacFarlane (UROP Student), Marisa Rozzi( UROP Student), Tim Higgins(UROP Student), Sienna Ramos (UROP Student), Yuna Hahn (UROP Student), Daniel Smilkov (Graduate Student), Catherine Ricciardi (Clinical Research Center, Nursing Director), Lars Johnsen (Visiting Student), Justin Buie (Research Assistant), Kevin Cuneo (UROP Student), Noah Flowers (UROP Student), Alicia Ouyang (UROP Student), Margaret Sands (UROP Student), William Jung (Visiting Student), Hsiu-Wei Yang (Visiting Student), Sophia E Struckman (UROP Student), Tiffany Yang (UROP Student), Jade Philipoom (UROP Student), Jihyun Gia Min (UROP Student), Tania Yu (UROP Student), Shirley Chen (UROP Student), Laura Breiman (UROP Student)