Squish: Using Toys to Direct Interactive Characters

Joysticks are a natural interface for controlling F-11s. Mice and keyboards suffice for document preparation. But what is the right interface to "direct" the actions of an interactive character, for example, a chicken with a mind of its own? In this case, an ordinary plush toy chicken, augmented with wireless sensing technology, may provide a more iconic and natural interface. In this project we are exploring novel interfaces that allow users to direct the behavior of interactive animated characters who have minds of their own. We are particularly interested in exploring how the innate intelligence of the characters can be used to facilitate the interpretation of the user's actions. Drawing on experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, gesture recognition, visual arts, sculpture, and animation, our group designs new toys to match our interactive worlds. In Swamped! we demonstrate the use of a wireless, plush-toy chicken to direct the actions of an animated chicken.

Research Topics
#kids #archives #history