Clubhouse Teen Summit

Teen Summit is a biennial week-long Youth Leadership event that brings Clubhouse youth together from each of the 100 Clubhouses internationally. Youth leaders explore issues relevant to them and propose solutions through the creative use of innovative, high-end technologies. The 2018 Teen Summit will take place in late July at Boston University, featuring a college and career fair, collaborative cross-cultural activities, and many other opportunities for educational, career, and personal growth.

Teen Summit is a vibrant opportunity that provides many firsts for the teens. Often it is the first time they are leaving their neighborhood, getting on a plane, or staying on a college campus. At Teen Summit, Clubhouse youth leaders not only build hands-on fluency in technology, but also become self-motivated, confident learners through collaborative experiences that spark their interests, expand life skills, and inspire them to become global citizens. Teen Summit seeks to expose youth to new tools and apply these skills to educational and career-related paths; build leadership, communication, and teamwork skills; and build camaraderie among international youth while fostering an appreciation for different cultures. 

The theme of this year's Summit is "Stand Up, Speak Out, Change The World!"  Clubhouse Members will focus on civic engagement, and have the opportunity to do research in their own communities, share that information with their peers, develop solutions/awareness, and take the projects they create back home. 

Prior to attending Teen Summit, participants will work on three projects that will allow them to reflect on their communities and themselves, think about what issues are important to them, and think about the skills they bring to a collaborative environment. Post-Teen Summit, Clubhouse Members will do a check-in to discuss their project implementation—successes, works in progress, and the support they need to sustain their projects. 

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