While technologists scramble to develop technologies for production and storage of environmentally friendly electricity, we must consider our personal roles in conserving energy. Thighmaster balances comfort and discomfort to achieve sustainable change. In addition to potentially decreasing a user's energy use, Thighmaster can also relieve the less easily measured�but no less real�feeling of individual powerlessness in the face of accelerated climate change. The system consists of a personal techno-garter, inspired by the "Opus Dei" cilice popularized in Dan Brown's novel The DaVinci Code, worn on the thigh, that communicates wirelessly to a set of low-power sensors measuring the wearer's personal energy consumption. If the wearer's electricity use exceeds a certain limit, the device plunges stainless-steel thorns into the thigh to remind users of both their complicity in the planet's demise and mortality.