Tools to investigate societal impacts of robots and AI


Anastasia Ostrowski 2018

Anastasia Ostrowski

Artificial intelligence (AI) agents in an embodied form, such as Jibo, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives and our homes. While there have been numerous studies in lab settings documenting short-term individual interactions with intelligent agents, we are at a point where we need to be exploring the larger impact of these technologies in the world, living with real people over longer periods of time.

From a design research perspective, understanding and developing robots and AI that intersect with society is a “wicked problem,” a problem with many components that cannot be solved without interdisciplinary approaches. Design research within interdisciplinary applications has sought to develop approaches, methods, tools, and techniques to investigate the impact of technologies and inform future development. This work focuses on developing tools for exploring robots’ and AI’s impact on daily lives to better inform the development of these technologies by elucidating academia’s and industry’s requirements of tools for this domain.

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