The VozMob Drupal Distribution is Drupal customized as a mobile blogging platform. VozMob has been designed to make it easy to post content to the web from mobile phones via voice calls, SMS, or MMS. You don't need a smart phone or an app to post blog entries�any phone will do. VozMob allows civic journalists in low-income communities to participate in the digital public sphere. Features include groups, tags, geocoding and maps, MMS filters, and new user registration via SMS. Site editors can send multimedia content out to registered users' mobile phones. VozMob Drupal Distribution is developed through an ongoing codesign process by day laborers, household workers, and students from the Institute of Popular Education of Southern California ( The project received early support from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, Macarthur/HASTAC, Nokia, and others.