Electrostatic Playground: A multi-user virtual reality physics learning experience

Scott W. Greenwald


Room-scale virtual reality opens up exciting new possibilities for exploratory learning. Phenomena that otherwise cannot be experienced directly (e.g. subjects that are microscopic, remote, or dangerous) can be transformed into environments that are immersive, interactive and social. Electrostatic Playground is a VR physics lab where multiple users can explore and discover principles of electrostatics through experimentation. It also concretizes abstract notions of electrostatics in the form of tangible, interactive objects. Users can learn by directly manipulating physics objects while receiving real-time feedback from the environment. We've incorporated the ability to record these interactions in order to provide a means of authoring content, reviewing one's notes, and teaching others. Electrostatic Playground is a multi-user lab where users can explore and discover principles in electrostatics.