WristQue: A Personal Wristband for Sensing and Smart Infrastructure



While many wearable sensors have been developed, few are actually worn by people on a regular basis. WristQue is a wristband sensor that is comfortable and customizable to encourage widespread adoption. The hardware is 3D printable, giving users a choice of materials and colors. Internally, the wristband will include a main board with microprocessor, standard sensors, and localization/wireless communication, and an additional expansion board that can be replaced to customize functionality of the device for a wide variety of applications. Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, light) combined with fine-grained indoor localization will enable smarter building infrastructure, allowing HVAC and lighting systems to optimize to the locations and ways that people are actually using the space. Users' preferences can be input through buttons on the wristband. Fine-grained localization also opens up possibilities for larger applications, such as visualizing building usage through DoppelLab and smart displays that react to users' presence.