xLink: Extensible Context Management Layer


The Context Manager is a generalized framework for connecting a variety of pervasive sensor technologies and output modalities to intelligent context-aware services. It focuses on binding together technologies that can be used to sense activity and interaction to services in a device- and collocation-agnostic way, and then use the context information, along with other personalization data that may be part of the user's profile, to provide highly relevant, just-in-time information and recommendations. The output is produced in a generalized form that can then be rendered into different modalities, such as WAP (cell phone output), audio, or a regular computer screen. The Context Manger can also push highly relevant information to the user, consolidating the point-of-contact between a multitude of services and the user in a consistent, manageable way. This infrastructure will be part of several projects, including ReachMedia, Invisible Media, and the UbER-Badge Personalization Project.