A Benchmark for Interactive Augmented Reality Instructions for Assembly Tasks

Markus Funk, Thomas Kosch, Scott W. Greenwald, Albrecht Schmidt


With the opportunity to customize ordered products, assembly tasks are becoming more and more complex. To meet these increased demands, a variety of interactive instruction systems have been introduced. Although these systems may have a big impact on overall efficiency and cost of the manufacturing process, it has been difficult to optimize them in a scientific way. The challenge is to introduce performance metrics that apply across different tasks and find a uniform experiment design. In this paper, we address this challenge by proposing a standardized experiment design for evaluating interactive instructions and making them comparable with each other. Further, we introduce a General Assembly Task Model, which differentiates between task-dependent and task-independent measures. Through a user study with 12 participants, we evaluate the experiment design and the proposed task model using an abstract pick-and-place task and an artificial industrial task. Finally, we provide paper-based instructions for the proposed task as a baseline for evaluating Augmented Reality instructions.

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