A Flying Pantograph: Interleaving Expressivity of Human and Machine, TEI 2016 Arts Exhibition, 2016

Sang-won Leigh, Harshit Agrawal, Pattie Maes


Drawing as a means of expression has evolved over time, as, and through a means of computation: Since pre-historic time, humankind has been involved in drawing through a myriad forms of mediums that, over many years, have evolved to be increasingly computation-driven. However, they largely continue to remain constrained to human body scale and aesthetics, while computer technology now allows a more synergistic and collaborative expression between human and machine. In our installation, we engage audience with a drone-based drawing system that applies a person’s pen drawing at different scales in different styles. The unrestricted and programmable motion of the proxy can institute various artistic distortions in real-time, creating a new dynamic medium of creative expression.

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