L'evolved: autonomous and ubiquitous utilities as smart agents, Ubicomp 2015, 2015

Harshit Agrawal, Sang-won Leigh, Pattie Maes


Ubiquitous computing has been focusing on creating smart agents that are submerged into everyday environments, however, recent development on physical computing is demanding a shift from calm computing to a physically engaging form. Computing is no more limited to increasing our comfort through passive and pervasive deployment, they can now be created as being more actively and physically intermeshed into our tasks. We present L'evolved, autonomous ubiquitous utilities that assist in user tasks through active physical participation. They not only dynamically adapt to individual user needs and actions, but also work in close tandem with the users. Among explorations on potential applications, we harness drone technology to realize the design and implementation of example utilities that afford free motions and computational controls. Through various use scenarios of those exemplary utilities, we show how this new form of smart agents promises new ways of interacting with our physical environments. We also discuss design implications and technical details of our implementations.

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