CNSilk: Spider-Silk Inspired Robotic Fabrication

Elizabeth Tsai, Michal Firstenberg, Jared Laucks, Lehnert, Benjamin, Yoav Sterman, Neri Oxman


Spiders create sophisticated silk web-structures by varying morphological composition, material make-up, and organizational logic of their silk threads. CNSILK explores the nexus of digital fabrication and biomimetic design through the creation of fibers inspired by the silk created by Aranaeid spiders. It seeks to achieve woven architectural structures without seams that are continuous in morphology and physical property through the implementation of a multi-axes tensile digital fabrication platform. Recent proof-ofconcept tests focus on the use of a robot arm to test weaving capabilities through unique end arm tooling and, in parallel, the development of a larger scale proof of concept on the overall proliferation of the material system given geometrical constraints.

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