Combining Virtual Reality and Biofeedback to Foster Empathic Abilities in Humans

Schoeller, Felix, et al. "Combining virtual reality and biofeedback to foster empathic abilities in humans." Frontiers in psychology 9 (2018): 2741.


Recent technological advances coupled with progress in brain and psychological sciences allow the controlled induction and regulation of human psychophysiological states. These progresses often aim toward the goal of developing human-machine interfaces to improve human factors such as mental health, human relations, well-being, and empathy. In this short article, we present some of such devices with a particular emphasis on technology aiming to foster empathic abilities in humans; that is, our ability to care, understand, and help our fellow human beings. In order to discuss any possible use for such devices in a clinical setting, we start by outlining definitions for the terms used in the article, and present three devices designed with the goal of modulating empathy in humans.

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