Dense, Low-Power Sensor Network for Three-Dimensional Thermal Characterization of Large-Scale Atria Spaces

Nan-Wei Gong, Laura Ware, Steve Ray, Gary Ware, Brett Leida, Tim Ren, Phil London, Ashley Turza, David Way, Leon Glicksman, Joseph A. Paradiso


We describe the design and implementation of a dense, low-power wireless sensor network for fine-grained threedimensional thermal characterization of a large open indoor space. To better understand the airflow dynamics and ensuing energy efficiency potential of this type of modern architectural design, we developed a sustainable wireless mesh network consisting of 50 sensors hung on an array of thin cables in a 210 m2 , 14.2 m tall atrium for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. The goal is to create compact wireless measurement sensor blocks for dense coverage in the building. We demonstrate the implementation through a preliminary analysis, which includes the evaluation of temperature distribution discrepancies with computer-simulated results and data taken during natural ventilation to illustrate the nontrivial, well-mixed temperatures observed during the studies.

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