Electronic Digital Materials

Langford, W. "Electronic Digital Materials"


Digital materials are constructions assembled from a small number of types of discrete building blocks; they represent a new way of building functional, multi-material, three-dimensional structures. In this thesis, I focus on the construction of microelectronics from vertically assemble-able two-dimensional parts. With just a conducting and insulating part-type, I show that it is possible to make discretely assembled electrical networks. With a third resistive part-type, I show that it is possible to make any passive electronic component and complex impedance circuitry, including antennas and matching networks. Finally, with four semiconducting part-types I suggest that it is possible to assemble active components like diodes and transistors. This work details the part production processes to create two-dimensional micro-bricks, modeling and assembly strategies to create functional structures from discrete parts, the measurement and evaluation of the bulk properties of the assemblies, and experiments in assembly automation.

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