March 25, 2018


Murata, Y. AlSalamah, S. A. AlSalamah, H. A. Quero, G. Gheorghiu, B. Ossebaard, H. C. (Eds.). (2018). The Tenth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED). Rome, Italy. IARIA XPS Press.


The tenth edition of The International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED 2018), held in Rome, Italy, March 25 - 29, 2018, considered advances in techniques, services, and applications dedicated to a global approach of eHealth.

Development of wireless homecare, of special types of communications with patient data, of videoconferencing and telepresence, and the progress in image processing and date protection increased the eHealth applications and services, and extended Internet-based patient coverage areas. Social and economic aspects as well as the integration of classical systems with the telemedicine systems are still challenging issues.

eTELEMED 2018 provided a forum where researchers were able to present recent research results and new research problems and directions related to them. The topics covered aspects from classical medicine and eHealth integration, systems and communication, devices, and applications.

We take this opportunity to thank all the members of the eTELEMED 2018 Technical Program Committee as well as the numerous reviewers. The creation of such a broad and high-quality conference program would not have been possible without their involvement. We also kindly thank all the authors who dedicated much of their time and efforts to contribute to the eTELEMED 2018. We truly believe that, thanks to all these efforts, the final conference program consists of top quality contributions. 

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