Fascia Ecosystem: A Step Forward in Sleep Engineering and Research

Bernal, Guillermo, Malika Chhibber, Mradul Bhatnagar, Urvil Jivani, Nelson Hidalgo, Anthony Levasseur, and Pattie Maes. 2023. Fascia Ecosystem: A Step Forward in Sleep Engineering and Research. 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’23), no. Sydney Australia, (July )


Millions suffer from sleep disorders, and sleep clinics and research institutions seek improved sleep study methods. This paper proposes the Fascia Ecosystem for Sleep Engineering to improve traditional sleep studies. The Fascia Sleep Mask is more comfortable and accessible than overnight stays at a sleep center, and the Fascia Portal and Fascia Hub allow for home-based sleep studies with real-time intervention and data analysis capabilities.
A study of 10 sleep experts found that the Fascia Portal is easy to access, navigate, and use, with 44.4% finding it very easy to access, 33.3% very easy to navigate, and 60% very easy to get used to. Most experts found the Fascia Portal reliable and easy to use.
Moreover, the study analyzed physiological signals during various states of sleep and wakefulness  two subjects. The results demonstrated that the Fascia dataset captured higher amplitude spindles in N2 sleep (72.20 ffV and 109.87 ffV in frontal and parietal regions, respectively) and higher peak-to- peak amplitude slow waves in N3 sleep (93.51 ffV) compared to benchmark datasets. Fascia produced stronger and more consistent EOG signals during REM sleep, indicating its potential to improve sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment by providing a deeper understanding of sleep patterns.

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