FlickInk: Bridging the Physical and Digital for Creative Work

Sheng-Ying Pao, A. Reben, Kent Larson


Although multi-touch screens and display technologies have moved computing onto table and whiteboard surfaces, one of the biggest challenges in collaborative creation is how to effectively incorporate and share content generated on physical media. The traditional pen and paper continues to be widely used because of its ease of use and the intuitive feedback embedded in our cognitive and muscle memories. Existing digital collaborative systems which allow writing/sketching inputs usually require complicated set-up such as multiple cameras embed under the table or in front of the shared screen, which limits their portability for distributed and mobile collaborators. Although the recent advent in sensing technologies have successfully digitized handwriting and sketches, there is a gap in incorporating them in collaborative technologies to enable an effective and natural sharing and co-creation experience. Leveraging paper/pen-based human intuition, we present FlickInk to bridge the gap.

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