Using Games in the Classroom

March 1, 2015

Groff, J., McCall, J., Darvasi, P., & Gilbert, Z. (2016). Using games in the classroom. In Schoenfield, K. (Ed.) Learning, Education and Games Vol. 2: Bringing Games into Educational Contexts. ETC Press.


Many games purport to teach, practice, or encourage interest in STEM subjects; however, many fail to do so in ways that can be statistically shown to be e ective. The potential benefits of such games are o en overstated. All parties should be more cognizant of realistically achievable outcomes.

Designers and educators should establish parameters to determine what constitutes a successful game experience and design usability tests that measure the degree of improvement in students’ aptitude and performance following engagement with STEM games. Progress is being made both in building STEM games and assessing their effects. Analysis of some successful games is helpful in determining how to include games in curricula and demonstrating how they support educational goals.

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