Hypercompression: Stochastic Musical Processing

Holbrow, C. "HYPERCOMPRESSION: Stochastic Musical Processing"


The theory of stochastic music proposes that we think of music as a vertical integration of mathematics, the physics of sound, psychoacoustics, and traditional music theory. In Hypercompression: Stochastic Musical Processing we explore the design and implementation of three innovative musical projects that build on a deep vertical integration of science and technology in different ways: Stochastic Tempo Modulation, Reflection Visualizer, and Hypercompression. Stochastic Tempo Modulation proposes a mathematical approach for composing previously inaccessible polytempic music. The Reflection Visualizer introduces an interface for quickly sketching abstract architectural and musical ideas. Hypercompression describes new technique for manipulating music in space and time. For each project, we examine how stochastic theory can help us discover and explore new musical possibilities, and we discuss the advantages and shortcomings of this approach.

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