Jots: Cultivating Reflective Learning in Scratch

Rosenbaum, E. "Jots: Cultivating Reflective Learning in Scratch"


This thesis introduces the Jots system, a new technology designed to engage children in reflective learning as they work on design projects. Jots enables children to create brief updates, or "jots," describing their frustrations, achievements and other thoughts and feelings while creating projects in the Scratch programming environment. Later children can look back at their jots to reflect on their own design and learning processes. This thesis introduces an approach to reflective learning in four facets: cognitive, emotional, social and temporal. The design of the Jots system, as well as its development over time, are discussed. An empirical study with three middle school students who used jots in a facilitated context is analyzed in case studies and categorizations. The results of the study are examined in terms of the four aspects of reflection, and ideas for future work are presented.

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