Measuring Children's Long-Term Relationships with Social Robots

Kory Westlund, J. M., Park, H. W.., Wiliams, R., & Breazeal, C. (2017). Measuring Children’s Long-Term Relationships with Social Robots. Workshop on Perception and Interaction dynamics in Child-Robot Interaction, held in conjunction with the Robotics: Science and Systems XIII.


Social robots are being increasingly developed for long-term interactions with children. However, there are few validated assessments for measuring young children's relationships with social robots. In this paper, we discuss a variety of relational assessments that could be used in this context. We present a pilot study of two assessments, the Inclusion of Other in Self task and a Social-Relational Interview, that we have adapted for use with children aged 3-7. We show that children can appropriately respond to these assessments and that both have high internal reliability.

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