MIT.EDU: M-Learning Applications for Classroom Settings

Michael Sung, Jonathan Gips, Nathan Eagle, Anmol Madan, Ron Caneel, Rich DeVaul, Joost Bonsen, Alex Pentland


In this paper we describe Mobile-IT Education (MIT.EDU) classroom applications, which demonstrate the potential of using the MIThril architecture for rapid prototyping of wireless mobile multi-user applications for use in classroom settings. MIThril is a stable, accessible system that combines inexpensive, commodity hardware, a flexible sensor/peripheral interconnection bus, and a powerful, light-weight distributed sensing, classification, and inter-process communications software architecture to facilitate the development of distributed real-time multi-modal and context-aware applications. We demonstrate the power and functionality of this platform by describing a number of MIT.EDU application deployments in educational settings. Initial evaluations of these experiments demonstrate the potential of using the system for realworld interactive m-learning applications.

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