NEMS Sensors Based on Novel Nanomaterials

Yadav S., Tripathy S., Sarkar D. (2022) NEMS Sensors Based on Novel Nanomaterials. In: Yang Z. (eds) Advanced MEMS/NEMS Fabrication and Sensors. Springer, Cham.


This chapter provides an overview of NEMS sensors based on novel nanomaterials. Specifically, we have discussed silicon nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and piezoelectric and 2D materials which enable unique functionalities to NEMS. For each of these nanomaterials, we have briefly described their unique properties and their advantages for NEMS sensors. Further, popular fabrication methods and detection schemes have been discussed for each of these technologies. Also, applications pertaining to physical, gas, chemical, and biomolecular sensing have been discussed. This chapter is aimed to serve as a reference for researchers to keep themselves updated with the recent updates in nanomaterial-based NEMS and their usage for numerous sensing applications.

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