No-Regret Algorithms for Private Gaussian Process Bandit Optimization

April 13, 2021


The widespread proliferation of data-driven decision-making has ushered in a recent interest in the design of privacy-preserving algorithms. In this paper, we consider the ubiquitous problem of gaussian process (GP) bandit optimization from the lens of privacy-preserving computation. We propose a solution for differentially private GP bandit optimization that combines a uniform kernel approximator with random perturbations, providing a generic framework to create differentially-private (DP) Gaussian process bandit algorithms. For two specific DP settings - joint and local differential privacy, we provide algorithms based on efficient quadrature Fourier feature approximators, that are computationally efficient and provably no-regret for a class of stationary kernel functions. In contrast to previous work, our algorithms maintain differential privacy throughout the optimization procedure and critically do not rely on the sample path for prediction, making them scalable and straightforward to release as well.

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