PCB Origami Folding circuit boards into electronic products

Sterman, Y. "PCB Origami: Folding circuit boards into electronic products"


PCB origami is a concept for an alternative manufacturing process of electronic products, in which the electronic material will be manufactured flat and folded into functional 3D graspable products by the user. PCBs will be used both as the functional electronic material and the structural material of the products. This thesis work explores the fabrication, design and interaction aspects of this concept, by demonstrating a series of case studies. The fabrication aspect was examined by creating a straightforward customization workflow of electronic products, and by developing a series of prototyping techniques for PCB lamination. The design aspect was researched through the creation of a new type of electronic products that can be completely flat when not in use, and can be folded once needed. The user interaction aspect of the PCB origami concept was studied in the contexts of foldable surfaces with embedded information on how to fold them and by demonstrating a foldable PCB product that is able to change its shape based on the desired task.

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