PrintSense: A Versatile Sensing Technique to Support Multimodal Flexible Surface Interaction

Nan-Wei Gong, Jürgen Steimle, Simon Olberding, Steve Hodges, Nicholas Gillian, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Joseph A. Paradiso


We present a multimodal on-surface and near-surface sensing technique for planar, curved and flexible surfaces. Our technique leverages temporal multiplexing of signals coming from a universal inter-digitated electrode design, which is printed as a single conductive layer on a flexible substrate. It supports sensing of touch and proximity input, and moreover is capable of capturing several levels of pressure and flexing. We leverage recent developments in conductive inkjet printing as a way to prototype electrode patterns, and combine this with a new hardware module for supporting the full range of sensing methods. As the technique is low-cost and easy to implement, it is particularly well-suited for prototyping touch- and hover-based user interfaces, including curved and deformable ones.

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