QuantifyMe: An Automated Single-Case Experimental Design Platform

Sano, A.*, Taylor, S.*, Ferguson, C., Mohan A., Picard, R. "QuantifyMe: An Automated Single-Case Experimental Design Platform," In Proc. International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare (MobiHealth), Vienna, Austria, November 2017. (*equal contribution)


We designed, developed, and evaluated a novel system, QuantifyMe, for novice self-experimenters to conduct proper-methodology single-case self-experiments in an automated and scientific manner using their smartphones. In this work we evaluate its use with four different kinds of personalized investigations, examining how variables such as sleep duration and regularity, activity, and leisure time affect personal happiness, stress, productivity, and sleep efficiency. We describe lessons learned developing the system, and recommendations for its improvement, as well as its potential for enabling personalized insights to be scientifically evaluated in many individuals. 

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