Roadmap for Autonomous Cities: Sustainable Transformation of Urban Spaces

Noyman, Ariel, Agnis Stibe, and Kent Larson. "Roadmap for Autonomous Cities: Sustainable Transformation of Urban Spaces." (2017).


Despite the inherent relationship between cars and their physical urban surroundings, many cities are hesitant to embrace the impact of autonomous mobility on urban design. Industry leaders envision autonomous vehicles soon penetrating global markets, although the relationship between autonomous vehicles and their urban context has been poorly discussed. Witnessing rapid technological advancement and tardiness of city planning and execution, the proposed research diverts discourse from intrinsic technology of autonomous vehicles to their impact on urban design. This paper offers a review of historical cars-oriented design and the global surrender to car-culture in the past century. Then, it elaborates on different autonomous technologies and their potential impact on urban form. Furthermore, it shares plural plausible future perspectives to initiate a discussion on tangible implications of autonomous vehicles on contemporary cities. Ultimately, this research suggests a preliminary roadmap to the way autonomous mobility might be incorporated within new and existing cities. 

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