Stealing Reality: When Criminals Become Data Scientists

Y. Altshuler, N. Aharony, Y. Elovici, A. Pentland, M. Cebrian


We live in the age of social computing. Social networks are everywhere, exponentially increasing in volume, and changing everything about our lives, the way we do business, and how we understand ourselves and the world around us. The challenges and opportunities residing in the social oriented ecosystem have overtaken the scientific, financial, and popular discourse. With the growing emphasis on personalization, personal recommendation systems, and social networking, there is a growing interest in understanding personal and social behavior patterns. This trend is manifested in the growing demand for “data scientists” and data-mining experts in the commercial ecosystem, which in turn is derived from the increasing number of social data-driven start-up companies as well the social inference related research sponsored by other commercial entities and various NGOs

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