Ubiquitous Conformable Systems for Imperceptible Computing


Canan Dagdeviren

Canan Dagdeviren

Fernandez, S. V., Sadat, D., Tasnim, F., Acosta, D., Schwendeman, L., Shahsavari, S., Dagdeviren, C.†, “Ubiquitous Conformable Systems for Imperceptible Computing”, Foresight, 24, 1, 75-98, 2021.


Although conformable devices are commonly designed to couple with the human body for personalized and localized medicine, their applications are expanding rapidly. This paper aims to delineate this expansion and predict greater implications in diverse fields.

This study justifies conformable devices’ growing utility through a novel quantitative analysis methodology that indexes peer-reviewed journal articles based on specific keywords, whereby this study tracks keyword frequency over time across specific fields in conjunction with conformability-like topics. The resulting trends’ trajectories provide the foundation for this study’s future projections. This study concludes with a perspective on the possible challenges concomitant with a ubiquitous presence of these technologies, including manufacturing, wireless communication, storage, compression, privacy and sharing of data, environmental sustainability, avoidance of inequality and bias and collaboration between stakeholders at all levels of impact.

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