WristQue: A Personal Sensor Wristband for Smart Infrastructure and Control

Mayton, B. "WristQue: A Personal Sensor Wristband for Smart Infrastructure and Control"


Despite the rapid expansion of computers beyond desktop systems into devices and systems in the environment around us, the control interfaces to these systems are often basic and inadequate, particularly for infrastructure systems. WristQue is a wearable interface for interacting with computerized systems in the environment, providing both explicit remote control with buttons, touch, and gestural interfaces, and automatic closed-loop control using environmen- tal sensors on the device, fused with precise indoor location for context. By placing these sensors and controls on the wrist, they are generally able to sense the environment unobstructed and are conveniently within reach at all times.

WristQue is able to continuously collect and stream sensor data through a wireless network infrastructure, including temperature, humidity, activity, light, and color. A 9-DoF inertial/magnetic measurement unit can be enabled to use the WristQue as a wrist-based gestural interface to nearby devices. Location and orientation data is used to implement a pointing interface that the user can use to indicate a device to control. This interface was implemented and tested using the WristQue and a commercial UWB localization system. The other sensors on the WristQue were validated by collecting several days of environmental data and conducting several controlled experiments.

With these capabilities, the WristQue can be used in a number of sensing and control applications, such as lighting and comfort control.

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