Big Picture Session | The World we Build: Radical Sustainability

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October 29, 2020
12:00pm — 1:30pm

Hosted by Danielle Wood

The pursuit of sustainability and responses to global climate change are existential questions for today's society to which we must find inspiring answers. A vision for a sustainable future imagines communities from local to global finding the balance between social, economic, and environmental equity. The Media Lab community of researchers is committed to continuing and expanding our research on both sustainability and climate Change. 

The Media Lab is participating in the MIT Climate Grand Challenge process, an Institute-wide initiative to spur existing and new research that will enhance our impact on sustainability and climate. The Media Lab specifically proposes to accelerate research on the use of environmental sensing technologies and data visualization capabilities to make physical and socioeconomic data salient; the use of creative and ethical design practices to work with communities examining the use of new technologies and practices for sustainability; and the use of the arts as a form of inquiry on the challenges of sustainability and climate.

During this session, Professor Danielle Wood (Space Enabled) curates several conversations. First, Danielle chats with a collaborator from outside the Media Lab to give an example of the ways the Media Lab community collaborates with specialists in areas such as coastal resilience and forestry mapping as part of projects to design socially conscious environmental management methods. Then, Danielle  leads a conversation with several Media Lab faculty members who are currently working in the areas of community-focused design, artistic inquiry, and environmental sensing technologies related to climate and radical sustainability.

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