David Colby Reed Quoted in Axios Article on Human Rights in Space


Aida Amer/Axios

Aida Amer/Axios

via Axios

April 13, 2021


In “The push to define workers’ rights in space,” Axios journalists Miriam Kramer and Bryan Walsh note labor and governance challenges facing future workers in space.

Kramer and Walsh quote Space Enabled graduate student David Colby Reed, who suggests that space exploration companies prioritize democratic equality as a design principle in missions formulation, operational plans, and technology development.  

‘One challenge I see facing private space exploration is that the leaders of space exploration companies will set the objectives, rules, and sanctions that govern space habitations and missions, likely with profit maximization as the goal... This is business-as-usual on Earth, but, in space, such private government becomes totalizing.’ 

- David Colby Reed

Read more and see quotes from Space Enabled Graduate Student David Colby Reed at the Axios website! Follow the link below.

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