Suleiman Alhadidi on how to maximize the future kitchen, even in small spaces

By Catherine Lamb

We talk a lot about the appliances that go into the future kitchen—but what about the design of the space itself? As populations urbanize, millennials take over, and automation and delivery become more and more omnipresent, the actual space of the kitchen must also evolve to accommodate these new technologies.

Suleiman Alhadidi works on reimagining living spaces in the MIT Media Lab’s City Science group project. Alhadidi will be at the Smart Kitchen Summit {SKS} next month speaking about how new housing types, automation, and generational shifts will affect the design of future kitchens. But we got curious about how our kitchens are going to look down the road (robots? foldable ovens?), so we went ahead and asked Alhadidi a few questions over email. 

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