Piccolo Kitchen

This project aims to create a modular platform for exploring micro-kitchens that are culture specific. Cooking is a personal experience that has cultural attributes. This project explores new modes of cooking using robotically enabled cabinets and appliances to minimize the footprint of the kitchen, while maximizing the ability for users to cook large meals, socialize, and utilize the same space during non-meal times for work. Piccolo kitchen is one of the components of the micro-units that are currently under development as part of the CityHome 02 projects.

We intend for our kitchens to be able to be used in different ways at different times of the day.  As usage varies during the workday and weekends, we propose customized micro-kitchen compartments that are able to be transformed temporally to address a variety of different cultural usage needs. Compact kitchens tend to limit the cooking experience because of space scarcity—the goal of the Piccolo Kitchen platform is to solve this problem by producing a series of plug and play components that can be customized by end users.

Research Topics
#robotics #design #food