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current related research
Augmenting Human Sensibility in a Domestic Kitchen

Augment Reality Kitchen
Intelligent spoon
Lover's Cups
Synesthetic Recipes


past related research
an interactive dinner at Julia's (part of Isis)
chameleon mug
cutlery that nose
floor scale
intelligent tablecloth
make your menu
micromachined sensors and accelerometers

project voyager
room with a view
context-aware tables
talking trivet
vending machine challenge
counter intelligence
energy fridge
food for thought
HIVE: infrastructure for an intelligent kitchen
honey, i shrunk the cds
kitchen sync
marco pollo
mr. java
ventus: the intelligent inhaler
visual tagging

sensible stoves

"finding food" powerpoint presentation

project-related papers

Lee, C.H., Wetzel, J., Selker, T. Enhancing Interface Design Using Attentive Interaction Design Toolkit. Paper in Educators program in SIGGRAPH 2006. (Full-text PDF) (to appear)

Lee, C.H., Chang, C., Chung, H. HiTV: Affective Interaction and Feedback Interface for TV, Short paper in Sketches program of SIGGRAPH 2006. (Full-text PDF) (to appear)

Lee, C.H., Hu, Y., Selker, T. iSphere: A Free-Hand 3D Modeling Interface, International Journal of Architectural Computing, Issue 01 Volume 04, 2006 (Full-text PDF)

Chung, H. Lee, C.H., Selker, T. Lover's Cups: Drinking Interfaces as New Communication Channels. alt.CHI Paper in the Extended Abstracts of CHI 2006. (Full-text PDF)

Lee, C.H., Wetzel, J., Jang, C.Y., Shen, Y.T., Chen, T.H., Selker, T. Attention Meter: A Vision-based Input Toolkit for Interaction Designers. Work-in-progress in the Extended Abstracts of CHI 2006. (Full-text PDF)

Lee, C.H., Bonanni, L., Espinosa, J.H., Lieberman, H., Selker, T. Augmenting Kitchen Appliances with a Shared Context Using Knowledge about Daily Events. Short Paper in the Proceedings of IUI 2006. (Full-text PDF)

Mr. Java. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Special Issue on Information Appliances , May 1999 by Joseph Kaye and Niko Matsakis.
Smell As Media, by Joseph Kaye and Aleksandra Szlezag.

undone ideas
a big step up
edible tags
the fork machine
thermochromic paint ideas

wild & crazy ideas we have had
pia brainstorms from the fall of 1996.

brainstorms & suggestions from the summer/fall of 1998.
these have become actual projects
appliance & hardware ideas
connected kitchen ideas
health ideas
information & education ideas
people & social ideas
pet ideas
silverware, utensil, dishes ideas


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