Decoders 1.0: Microfabricated Decoders


Canan Dagdeviren

Canan Dagdeviren

Canan Dagdeviren, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; LG Career Development Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
MAS 808
Thursdays, 9am-12pm
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Flexible; Individual projects (teamwork can also be possible upon the wish of students).


Decoders 1.0 is the core class that sets up the foundation for D1.1 and D1.2. The lecture series plant seeds of question and curiosity in the minds of students. Invited speakers present the recent advances in their particular field once every other week. The website and selected publications of the speakers are featured on the course website. The individual project is to write a summary paper based on three papers of the invited speaker. Prepared questions and a draft of the summary papers are to be submitted prior to the speaker’s lecture. It is mandatory for students to ask questions during guest lectures. After the guest lecture, students submit the final summary paper and discuss it in the class. The final project is to write a perspective article consisting of the written summary papers. At the end of the course, a booklet of all of the perspective articles is to be uploaded on the class website. This course is taught once every five years to update what has been accomplished in the field. The perspective articles are a resource for future students, who take the following D1.1 and D1.2.


  1. To gain knowledge from experts in the field,
  2. To encourage participation in class by the asking of questions to the invited speakers,
  3. To understand the impact of microfabricated devices on society,
  4. To foster interest in mechanically adaptive microfabricated devices and their purposes,
  5. To write a perspective article based on the knowledge gained by the students.
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