Canan Dagdeviren to attend the "Early Career Dialogues" at MIT as a Panelist




Many early career scientists are now in multidisciplinary research. A typical multidisciplinary research problem would require significant expertise from more than one scientific domain that is conventionally not part of a standard curriculum based training. Developing an understanding of principles from multiple disciplines and applying them in a coherent manner to solve the problem-at-hand is not an easy task. While facing these challenges, an early career scientist in multidisciplinary research may also reflect on existential questions such as “What is my scientific identity?” or “What scientific identity should I pursue?” or “How should I optimally focus my efforts towards building the scientific identity I desire?” Panelists will share their journey and choices depending on the individual’s current situation; the choice may have a significant influence on his/her subsequent career trajectory and life.

The panel will comprise five panelists who are experts from basic science, engineering, and medicine and have demonstrated experience with or can relate to this topic and are willing to share their relevant personal stories for the benefit of the young scientist community at MIT. The discussion will be moderated by the event coordinators based on questions gathered from the MIT community prior to the event. The panel discussion will be 1 hour and 15 min in duration (including Q&A) and will be followed by a networking session.

For more info, visit: ECD at MIT

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