CityScienceLab @ TaipeiTech Opening Ceremony / 【臺北科大城市科學實驗室】掛牌典禮

MIT Media Lab / City Science

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In celebrating the inauguration of the City Science Lab @TaipeiTech, a cooperation between National Taipei University of Technology and MIT Media Lab,  President Li Wenlung of the University convenes the staff, students and an international delegation—representing over 10 countries and  City Science Labs from Andorra, Hamburg, Helsinki and Shanghai—to attend the opening ceremony and lab tour on the 30th of November, 2017.   

The ceremony will take place in conjunction with the City Science Workshop 2017, a 3-day workshop on the future of urban mobility led by 12 mentors from the Media Lab & City Science Network.

AGENDA / 典禮程序

1000  Opening Address /  開幕致詞 

1020   Guest Address  / 貴賓致詞

1040   Lab Inauguration / 揭牌

1100   Lab Tour & Demo  / 實驗室參觀暨研究成果展示

1130  Ceremony Completion / 禮成

1140  Press Interview / 媒體採訪 

TaipeiTech Contact / 臺北科大聯絡人

Li-Jen KAU (高立人)

Email:  ljkau@ntut.edu.tw

Phone: 02-27712171   ext. 1011/2242

Mobile: 0933 996 072

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