Danielle Wood presents at EmTech MIT


MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review

September 18, 2019
10:05am — 10:30am

EmTech MIT is for leaders driving innovation and changing the world.

Examining the most important topics in technology today, EmTech MIT hosts key influencers in industry, policy, and academia, exploring new approaches to working with and driving technology innovations.

MIT Technology Review’s editors will bring to life the most significant advances in AI, climate adaption, personalized medicine, data security, space technology, longevity, and the future of work. Our sessions examine the challenges of balancing progress, economics, and the betterment of society and will leave you with a host of new ideas and new perspectives on how to manage, and capitalize on, the change brought about by technology.

Dr. Danielle Wood will be speaking during the Leveraging Tech for Good session presenting on Designing Technology to Support Sustainable Development.

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