Disrupting Mobility 2018


City Science

City Science

Sunday — Tuesday
September 16, 2018 —
September 18, 2018
9:00am — 6:00pm

Technology, transportation, and urban development are inextricably linked. From steam power to the combustion engine: cities make mobility and mobility makes cities. Building on the inaugural and highly influential Disrupting Mobility Summit in 2015, the second Disrupting Mobility Summit in 2018 will focus on the relationship between future mobility and future cities and on how we can equitably  and sustainably  govern technology innovation and urban transformation.

The disruptive technologies of the early 21st century—global connectivity, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy—will significantly change the nature of transportation and urban development. How we deploy these technologies to (re)organize the interaction of people, goods, information, energy, the built environment, public space, and mobility will shape our cities for the coming decades.

Competing visions of future mobility are pursued and contested. The Summit will feature the state of the art in sustainable urban innovation and provide a forum to explore potential pathways. Will the emerging “electric city” optimize energy, space, and mobility by digitally integrating ubiquitous renewable energy systems, smart grids, intelligent public transport infrastructure and shared electric vehicle fleets?  Or will urban development and transportation remain wedded to fossil fuels, private vehicles, conventional motorization, inefficient land use and the attendant economic, social and ecological dysfunctionality of our urban spaces.  Rapid innovation in big data, machine learning, and distributed energy systems may enable new zero-emission, on-demand and automated mobility services but these may also reinforce unsustainable and socially exclusive transportation and urban development pathways. How do we constructively manage and equitably govern urban transformation and technology innovation to advance sustainable social and economic development and deep decarbonization?

Future mobility will make future cities. Our aim is to openly address the conflicts inherent to competing and contested visions of urban mobility for the post-carbon age. Disrupting Mobility 2018 will generate robust debate of workable solutions as we explore the opportunities and challenges of integrating, scaling, and governing innovative urban mobility systems.

Learn more at the event website: disrupting-mobility.org

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