Dr. Dagdeviren to give a presentation at Koch Institute Langer Lab Seminar, titled "An Emerging Era: Conformable Ultrasound Electronics"


Koch Institute

Koch Institute

Wednesday — Sunday
November 15, 2023 —
November 12, 2023

An Emerging Era: Conformable Ultrasound Electronics

In this talk, Dr. Dagdeviren describes novel materials, mechanics and device designs for emerging classes of wearable health monitoring systems and implantable, minimally invasive medical devices. These include a variety of electrodes, sensors, and transducer components, with promising applications in bio-integrated electronics, such as early breast cancer detection. The devices can be twisted, folded, stretched/flexed and wrapped onto curvilinear surfaces or implanted without damage or significant alteration in operation. The fabrication strategies and design concepts can be applied to various biological substrates and geometries of interest, and thus have the potential to broadly bridge the gap that exists between rigid, boxy electronics and soft, curvy biology.

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