Dr. Dagdeviren to deliver keynote at the 2022 IEEE Brain Discovery Neurotechnology Workshop – Brain, Mind, and Body Symposium (BMB 2022)


IEEE brain

IEEE brain

Advances in neurotechnology have the potential to ameliorate a wide range of neurological disorders and diseases, and to augment brain function in healthy individuals. Development and deployment of effective neurotechnologies will require an integrated approach that contextualizes brain function in the context of mind and body. They will also require close collaboration between the neuroengineering community, cognitive neuroscientists, and clinical practitioners. The goal of this symposium and workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners across academia, industry, and the clinical profession to discuss the current status of neurotechnology from both hardware and software perspectives, and their potential to address a wide range of disorders that affect brain, mind, and body.

This workshop is a satellite event to the 2022 Society for Neuroscience conference and will be held on the campus of UC San Diego. The program will consist of three symposia covering integrated neurotechnologies, signal processing and computational modeling, and clinical applications and impact. Each symposium will include a keynote speaker and several plenary speakers who will discuss their work in the context of larger issues in each of these topic areas. The program will also include panel sessions on entrepreneurship in neurotechnology, neurotechnology development, and on ethical implications of neurotechnology. Participation in the two-day workshop is free and open to the public.

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