Hiroshi Ishii + Michael Lin @ Taiwan Design Week 2023


Taiwan Design Week

Taiwan Design Week

Hosted by the Taiwan Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and implemented by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), Taiwan Design Week debuts for the first time with an international forum that invites nearly 70 speakers from 9 countries to gather and share new trends in cross-border design. 

Taiwan Design Week will be held at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Taipei City) from December 1–10, 2023. On December 2, Media Lab professor Hiroshi Ishii will be giving a keynote talk, and shortly afterwards he will participate in a seminar moderated by Media Lab research scientist Michael Lin.   

International Forum on New Frontiers in Design Research

Keynote Speech 2: "Beyond Pixels: Inventing Tangible Media for Human Expression, Communication and Design"
Speaker: Hiroshi Ishii 

This presentation will introduce the evolution of our vision-driven design research from Tangible Bits to Radical Atoms, illustrated by a series of interaction design projects that have been shown and exhibited in media arts, design, and science communities. This series emphasizes that the design of tangible interactions that engage and inspire people requires the rigor of both scientific and artistic scrutiny, encapsulated by my motto: "Be Artistic and Analytic. Be Poetic and Pragmatic."

Mainstream Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research today primarily addresses functional concerns – the needs of users, practical applications, and usability evaluation. Tangible Bits and Radical Atoms are driven by a vision at the intersection of the arts and computer science to make the digital tangible.

Tangible Bits and Radical Atoms seek to realize seamless interfaces between humans, digital information, and the physical environment by giving dynamic physical form to digital information and computation. They make bits directly manipulatable and perceptible in the foreground and background of our consciousness (peripheral awareness). Tangible Media takes advantage of the richness of our human senses, the skills we develop throughout our lifetime of interacting with the physical world, and the computational reflection enabled by real-time sensing and digital feedback.

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